Well well, winter in Oslo!

We all know that with winter, there’s snow. At least here in Oslo, Norway. Maybe not where you’re originally from, but oh, well, it’s time to find your mittens and scarf and prepare for this lovely season and find something else to do than swim and basking in the sun.

Wnter in Oslo
Photo by Samavo

Before winter, there’s always fall, right?

I don’t know about that. In Norway, depending on where you live, it varies. Let’s talk Oslo, downtown, for example. Muddy snow that won’t lay still, melting and blending with the dust of the city. Remember to wear shoes that blocks out all water. I’m serious. Your high heels won’t do this time of the year, they’ll get soaked, and you won’t be having a good time on the pub rounds with your friends. Due to the heat coming from cars and so, that melts the snow, there’s a bit of danger downtown.

Winter signs are there to save your life.

There will be signs telling you this, but every year you see people not respecting those warnings.These signs are there to save your life! Every year icicles gather on the side of the roofs, and every year they fall down as they melt due to the heat from the city, falling down to the ground really fast. Occasionally, they even hit people in the head, giving these people major damages, and sometimes even killing them. Let’s make sure this is not you. Don’t walk beside a building, even if snow is falling into your sweater and chilling your neck.

Winter and snow outside the center of Oslo

Winter in Oslo
Photo by nebulux76

Now, let’s go a bit outside Oslo, maybe Grorud. The snow around these parts will get higher and higher, and if you’re lucky enough to own a place of your own, you’d better have a good shovel, or stock up on food and toilet paper for the winter as you might even get snowed in. Of course, this won’t happen as we all have sense enough to put ourselves to use and get the snow out of our way as it falls, but you might want to look at the forecast every night and see if there’s gonna be any heavy fall of snow that night, and maybe even wake up early to prepare your way to the car so you can get the ice off of it, start the heating and so forth before you have your breakfast and head off to work for the day.

Fun things to do during winter in Oslo

There’s a lot of fun things to d during winter in Oslo, no matter when it might hit. When I was a kid, it used to start snowing around the end of October, and Halloween is unfortunately not Halloween anymore in my opinion because, well, where’s the snow? I’m expecting the snow to come a few days or weeks after Halloween. (If anyone is interested, this is how I realized global warming was a big threat, so now I got to put some propaganda into this post, haha).

Either way, if you like speed and fun, you could always get a sled, find a hill and go down as fast as you can, act like a real kid again, and if you’ve even got kids (or dogs), this is even more fun. Sledding with a kid, oh my. Or with the dog running after you, as long as you make sure it’s not in front of you, is hilarious. Get back up, and do it again. In a way, you get some exercise done, and it’s fun. How is this not a great activity?

Visit Korketrekkeren this winter in Oslo

Korketrekkeren is a great place to do this if you don’t mind the occasional crash. A long hill, and at the end, you take the T-bane right back up, and you can go again. Personally, I haven’t been there for a while, but when I was there, you could also rent toboggans with steering wheels, but they’re not of the best, so if you have one yourself, bring it.

Alpin or cross-country skiing in Oslo

You could also try yourself at skiing, slalom or cross-country. The skis and boots are a bit expensive if this is your first time and you don’t know if you like it, but you can rent and test this if you go to Oslo Winter Park for a reasonable price.
There’s also a lot of other things to do, like cosy up with a cup of hot cocoa in front of a fireplace with friends after a day of playing in the snow, or maybe even building a snow fort if the snow is good for it that day, making sculptures, or anything you wish.

There’s no limits as to what you can do!

Oh, I just can’t wait! Until then have a great time the rest of the fall, guys.


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