Here you can eat the best pizza in Oslo

The question was quite simple and the Community on Facebook replied with passion and shared their greatest experience with us..

Those are the places being suggested by the Where in Oslo members for serving the best pizza in Oslo.

best pizza in oslo

  • Lina Larson Villa Paradiso, Olivia, Pizza Pancetta at Briskeby
  • Ida Jansby Arte Pazza in Ullevålsveien. La Såda is also very good.
  • Eva-Evuki Antza Arte pazza of course
  • Marc-Anthony Davies La Såda, second vote. Also Arte Pazza and Cafe laundromat too.
  • Marc-Anthony Davies Grandiosa doesn’t count
  • Francesco Spinali pizza pancetta ok, men også san lorenzo på vika terrasse
  • Vigdis Elise Hafsten Haha! My boyfriend makes home made pizza. I don’t eat Grandiosa
  • Marc-Anthony Davies Great! What time is good for you for our arrival?
    I don’t see the obsession with Grandiosa myself. It tastes like polystyrene. I make my own.
  • Vigdis Elise Hafsten I’ll let you know next time he makes pizza
  • Marc-Anthony Davies Pizza cook-off!
  • Amy Elizabeth Lunde it’s takeaway, but sooo good.
  • Suzanne Campbell San Remo, Torshov.
  • Dave Harrison-fox San Lorenzo in Vika.
  • Anne Duquenne Villa Paradiso, Hell’s Kitchen and still have to try the one at Åpen Bakeri!
  • Ida Jansby Someone told me Lofthus samvirkelag at Torshov is the best. Not tried it myself.
  • Aet Wingborg Peppes pizza.. fantasiløst..
  • Malte Hinrichs Aker Pizza on Storgata has really good prices and the pizza is good, too
  • Ulrike Niemann we only tried dolly dimples and they have one good deal: If their delivery is not within 60 Minutes, you get a 50% discount. Well, the pizza guy came one minute late (said he!) and so we got a delicious and cheap pizza
  • Francesco Spinali I like only Italiensk pizza…..
  • Zdeněk Zikán I would say avoid Peppes and Dolly Dimples, they make wet spongy tasteless stuff with rubber pieces of meat and cheese, so that’s more like a bad joke than a pizza (though for some reason unknown to me they are very popular in Oslo).

    It’s been a long time ago since I’ve been there but I liked Brunello close to Oslo S. Hell’s Kitchen is quite good as well. Thanks for the other tips here, I will try.
  1. Bari in Torggata is one of the best in town, my favourite in Oslo.

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