TOP attractions in Oslo. Here you have the TOP 10.

Top Attractions in Oslo
Top Attractions in Oslo


The Where in Oslo community has spoken. The list of top attractions in Oslo includes Vigelandsparken, Holmenkollen Ski Jump, the Oslo Opera House, Norsk Folkemuseum, Viking Ship Museum, the Munch Museum, Ekebergparken and more.

According to SSB, Oslo is experiencing an increase in visits from tourists all over the world. Already in 2014 hotels in Oslo supplied more than 4.000.000 accommodations, which is an increase of more than 6,8% compared to the year before.

But which attractions in Oslo are to be preferred?

We want to make it easy for the visitors of Oslo and asked the Where in Oslo community on Facebook to share their preferences with us.


The question was simple and quite popular among tourists and visitors of Oslo.

– Can you name the TOP 10 attractions in Oslo?


Those are the TOP 10 answers based on voting.


Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway

2. Holmenkollen ski jump

Norway 2013

3. The Oslo Opera House

Opera house

4. Norsk Folkemuseum


5. Viking Ship Museum


6. Munch Museum

Munch Museum

7. Ekebergparken


8. Akershus Festning

Akershus Festning

9. The forest (Marka)

Marka24 2012

10. National Gallery

Paintings by Munch

Here you can see the rest of the answers


– Please, add your favorite attractions too in the comment field!


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