Yesterday was my first day in Oslo and it was a successful one.

By the way, I’ve set up a new countdown, this time to my first day at work. I’m very much looking forward to that!

Appointment at the Service Center for Foreign Workers

Anyway, back to yesterday:

I had an appointment at the Service Center for Foreign Workers (for info on address and how to set up an appointment see my previous post “The Visa”). My appointment was at 13:30, but I had a few other things I wanted to do in town (including fighting my jetlag) so I went in early. I decided to first of all walk to the SCFW just to find it and make sure I knew where to go without running late later in the day. It’s very well organized and if you can read you can find where you’re supposed to go. In addition, they have staff going around asking people if they need help to ask any questions. One such lady was very helpful to me. I had already gathered by watching everybody else that I would need these two extra forms filled out. I don’t remember the names of the forms, but one was green, the other blue. But don’t worry; they will give you the forms during your appointment if you haven’t gotten them yet. No need to print them ahead of time.

Basically, you have to get there about 15 minutes before your appointment, just in case people before you don’t show up or if the staff are ahead of time. I arrived 30 minutes early and was seen right away, so might be good to be a little early. You walk in the door, no need to get a number for the queue. Go straight to counters 20-26 and wait for them to call your name. The first person you’ll see is police staff. They’ll ask for your passport and ask how they can help you. In my case, I already had my visa request granted so I was just checking in with the police to get started with the ID/tax card process. They take your photo, your fingerprints, your signature, and give you your visa. It’s just a paper that says your visa has been granted and that it’s grounds for you, in three years of this visa, to apply for permanent residency. They’ll then say your ID will arrive in the mail in the next 10 working days and give you the two forms you’ll have to fill and a queue number for the tax counter.

At the tax counter he’ll ask for the forms, your passport and your employment contract. The contract they want is also an UDI form called Offer of Employment. Your employer will need to fill it out for you and sign it. Then he’ll go Xerox a bunch of stuff, and come back with your passport and say that your tax card will arrive in the mail in 2 weeks. Along the way they’ll tell you a million times to put your name on your mail box, so don’t forget that! One of them also said I should go to my nearest post office and inform them that I live at my address now.

Then you’re done! I was finished in an hour. Easy, breezy, beautiful.

A Norwegian sim card from Chess

After that I went looking for a sim card to get internet. I ended up with NetCom’s Chess. They have a prepaid sim card deal where you pay 10kr per day and get unlimited internet. That’s good enough for me until I can get a bill contract or, as they call it, Abonnement. All I needed to get that was my passport. The sim cost 49kr and came with 50kr credit! For the Abonnement they said I’ll need my tax card and two pay slips. But I’ll look more into that later and let your know.

That’s enough info for now. Best to ration the interesting things I have to talk about.

Until next time!


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