Moving to Norway any time soon?

The very next question is .. How prepared are you for moving to Norway? What have you heard about the country, what do you know about the weather and the Norwegian culture? The integration process will be long and you need to be prepared, because Norway will surprise you every time in many different ways. At some point and after the first months in the country you will wish ‘you knew that’. What exactly?

Learn Norwegian immediately

9 out of 10 Norwegians are good in English. Thats a fact. You will not face any problems when it comes to communication in a spontaneous moment. If you want to truly integrate and get to know the Norwegian culture and truly understand how people think, then you will need to be fluent in Norwegian!

The same applies when you are in your home country and you communicate in English with an expat, well its fine but you are not totally expressing your self in a way! You won’t express your self in the same way as you would if the same conversation was taking place in your native language.

Very important to mention, that you will find it very difficult to find a proper job if you don’t speak Norwegian. Specially Expats from the English speaking countries have to put an extra effort in to this, as it will truly make your life easier and you will be included in all kind of activities and mostly you will also feel as part of that.


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Accept the fact that some things are different in Norway

Easy to say and more difficult to practice, but its necessary that from the first hour in Norway you will have to adjust and accept the fact that its a different country. Actually a quite different one from what you might be used to. Yes drinking and the ironic humor are very normal here.

If you are not good at getting to know people, you will have to practice that skill a lot here. Get used to it and get good at making the first step to approach people. Some times you might say “Good morning” and not get any reaction back and other times you might get invited for dinner. It can happen both ways …

It is expensive … very expensive in Norway

Forget about exchange rates and how much the same products costs back at home. Yes I know it will hurt your pocket, but you can not change it. So checking out products in “tilbud” and “rabatt” might become a common habit for you the first moths. It will all go down to if you have got a full time job or not.

When you get a permanent job then things will start rolling very differently. Of course that impression will always be there and at some point you will get shocked. On the other hand you might also find products that will make you say “Oh that was cheap for being in Norway“.

The solution to the expensive is high salaries and having a job. Remember that well…


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Transportation is well organized but not cheap

It doesn’t really matter which are you would like to visit, there will always be a buss, train or tram going that way. When it comes to Oslo, there are buses even during the night, also in the weekends (every one hour)  and they cost the same as in during their normal hours in the day time.

The good part though is that we are being offered the “Reisegaranti”. Practically it means that when you might have to wait for a long time you have the right to grab a taxi and get refunded for that. So in this case of a delay the systems has got you all covered! How do you do that?

If your bus, train, subway or tram has been delayed more than 30 min, stop a taxi and ask him to take you at your destination, ask for the receipt and next time you are in the bus find the envelope with the refund application, fill in all the required information AND you bank account nr. and send it to Ruter.

Yes, you will get the money refunded for sure, so far you do not try to cheat the system 😉 Guess what happens next … you get the Taxi costs refunded! Great yeah? Its Norway.

Will update soon – but you can always give us your tips in the comment area.


Holidays or ‘ferie’ means a lot for the Norwegians

Getting a job can turn out to not be easy.

Do not expect to make a fortune, even though you work.

You can bring your car, but don’t do it.

Oligopoly, when it comes to variety of food in Super Markets.



  1. Hello there,
    You’ve done an incredible job. This article is great and helps us on our preparations to move to Norway soon.

  2. coming from Zürich, things don’t seem that expensive, especially rib eye steak and sushis 🙂
    Can’t wait to compare public transport!

  3. I am going to study in Norway. I read only good things for this country. Thank you for sharing your post! Greetings!

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