How to get from Moss Rygge airport to Oslo?

Are you flying to or from Oslo? You can take the train, the bus or rent a car to get to Oslo from Moss Rygge Airport. No matter what the answer is we wish you a pleasant flight and a warm welcome to Oslo. As many has been asking about this we thought of taking the initiative to clarify the situation and also provide answers.

Moss Rygge Airport

How far is Rygge Airport from Oslo?

Rygge Airport is located south east of Oslo and approximately 60 minutes away by car and 70km away from Oslo’s city center and Jernbanetorget. Jernbanetorget is the main station of Oslo and it is also considered as city’s center. At Jernbanetorget you will be able to take the subway, the trams, local busses and trains.

Driving from Rygge Airport to Oslo city center

In case you are renting a car or driving, Rygge airport is located approximately 70km away from Oslo’s city center. Thats about an hour of driving. Be sure you have rented a car on beforehand. In case you have no GPS navigation in your car you might want to use “GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD” which does not require Internet subscription so far you have downloaded the map of Norway ahead your trip.

Route from Rygge airport to Oslo
Route from Rygge airport to Oslo

Bus from Rygge Airport to Oslo city centre

You can always take the bus from Rygge Airport to Oslo Bus Terminal which is Oslo’s main bus station and not far at all from Jernbanetorget, where you can take any local bus, the subway (called T-bane) and the trams.

Bus from Rygge airport to Oslo city center


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Departures from and to Rygge Airport

The Rygge ekspress bus departs from Moss Airport Rygge approximately 40 minutes after each Ryanair flight arrival. The bus will also arrive at the airport 45 minutes before each Ryan air flight departure. So you will have plenty of time to go shopping, grab a coffee or pick up your suitcase.


Route pathways and stops

The Rygge-ekspress is a low fare (compared to other transportation) and uses fine buses to drive from and to Oslo Bus Terminal.  The bus drives through E6-road between Rygge Airport and Oslo Bus Terminal and it stops at : Moss Airport Rygge – Korsegården – Mortensrud terminal – Ryen – Oslo Bus Terminal


How much does it cost to take the Rygge ekspressen?

We strongly suggest you to buy the ticket online as you will save 50kr for each direction, specially if you book the ticket with return. Beside that there are no other discounts, unless you are a student in Norway.


Ticket prices from Rygge Airport to Oslo with Rygge Ekspressen

Ticket typeTicket price on busTicket price on website




SingelAdultkr 180Kr 170,-
SingelStudentkr 140Kr 130,-
SingelSeniorkr 90Kr 90,-
SingelChildkr 90Kr 90,-
With ReturnAdultkr 320Kr 300,-
With ReturnStudentkr 250Kr 220,-
With ReturnSeniorkr 160Kr 140,-
With ReturnChildkr 160Kr 140,-



Departures from Oslo

The Rygge-ekspressen departure times from Oslo Bus Terminal is adapted to all Ryanair flights from Moss Airport Rygge. Departure times follow flights departs on Ryanair so Rygge ekspressen will arrive at the Moss airport Rygge about 45 min. before the latest check-in.

Check the time table to be sure.


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Trains from Rygge airport to Oslo city

NSB train from Rygge Airport to Oslo city centerBeside renting a car, driving or taking the bus you can also take the train from Rygge to Oslo. The train R20 is the one that will take you to Oslo city center. Remember to take off at Oslo S when approaching Oslo. Oslo S is the main train station of Oslo and is near by The Bus Terminal and Jernbanetorget.

How long is the trip from Rygge Airport to Oslo S?

The trip is approximately 50 min. NSB which operates the trains in Norway has set up a shuttle bus, which will stop exactly at the main exit of the airport and drive you directly to the train station, where you will then take the train to Oslo S.


How much does it cost to take the train from Rygge Airport?

The full price is 160kr. The shuttle bus from and to the airport is included in the price. There are discounts as well for students studying in Norway or are over 65 years old.


When does the train from Rygge Airport leaves?

NSB has scheduled over 20 departures a day from Rygge Airport to Oslo. The shuttle bus leaves from the airport 15 minutes before the train departure. The train leaves Rygge Train Station every. Here is the time table for the R20 train. Scroll down till you find R20 in the .pdf which you might want to download before the trip. You can of course also check the time table and book the ticket online at NSB’s website.


Welcome to Oslo!




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