This is where you can eat cheap in Oslo!

eat cheap in osloOk, you have probably just arrived in Oslo and are looking for a place where you can eat cheap or you have already been living here for some time but still can not get used to the crazy prices some times!

Others call it Oslo on a budget or cheap eats. Well thats exactly the same thing and all you are probably wondering is where can I not use a fortune and eat great food at a cheap price in Oslo.

One of the members of our community was wondering about the same same thing. The answers that were provided were many and very useful! So believe it or not, you can actually eat great food at a much lower price than the usual but also good restaurants. Just remember to under dress 🙂


The answer to the question “Where can I eat cheap in Oslo” is as follows:

You will enjoy great and cheap food at a price of 100-150kr per main dish at those places:


  1. IKEA – Well you asked for cheap and that was one of the suggestions.
  2. Mr Hong – Variation of Asian kitchen
  3. Ricebowl and Risbolle – Thai Restaurants
  4. Palmyra – Indian Restaurant
  5. Punjab Tandoori – Indian Restaurant
  6. Thai Orchid – Thai Restaurant
  7. McDonalds and Burger King – You asked for cheap food. They have burgers for 10 kr
  8. Lille Saigon-1 – Vietnamese Restaurant. Recommended
  9. Far East – Chinese Restaurant
  10. Zaffran Oslo – Iranian/Persian Restaurant
  11. Hai Cafe – Vietnamese Restaurant
  12. Istanbul Kebab – Turkish Restaurant. Recommended
  13. Li Li – Chinese Restaurant
  14. Pizza Pancetta – The best pizza in town
  15. Bambo – Sushi, Asian Restaurant


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  1. Thanks for this great list. Really appreciate it. Looking forward to visit Oslo.

  2. Thank you for this great list! Will look closer in to it when visiting Oslo next month with my wife!

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