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Snowboard course for beginners in Oslo

07/03/2015 @ 10:00 - 12:30


Yoga and Snowboard for beginners

It will be one of the coolest winter events! You will meet super awesome people, practice Yoga and become a Snowboard Ninja! We promise!

         -Limited number of participants!

Snowboard course for beginners acomplished by yoga session

WiO – Super Social is organizing a FUN snowboard course for beginners which includes a yoga session as well.
By participating in this event  you will learn the basics of snowboarding by a certified and very experienced coach, practice Yoga and have endless fun. You will of course practice a lot and will be followed up by the coach at any point during the course. There is no better way than learning by doing, while you have great fun.

The purpose of the event is to have a GREAT time, practice Yoga, learn the secrets of snowboarding, enjoy the fresh air, nature and of course socialize with old and new friends!


Details about the event

When: 7-14-21 of March
Where: Oslo
Group: 10 ppl maximum
How many times: Three Saturdays in a row (3 hours each)
Equipment: You need to have your own snowboard equipment (ask us if you don’t have)
Price: 1500kr
Included in the price: 9 hours of lessons, yoga and pleeeenty of fun
Not included: Equipment and lift pass (we are trying to get a discount).
[service title=”Guaranteed best price!” icon=”icon: thumbs-up” icon_color=”#139ad2″ size=”42″]This is a special price offered only to the Where in Oslo members and friends![/service]



[spoiler title=”The program of the course/event (click)” icon=”plus-circle”]1st hour: We will start our day with some yoga exercises which will help you stretch your body and prepare you mentally for the course. General knowledge about snowboarding will be given.
The coach will go through the different processes in theory and make sure you have understood what is important to focus on when you will first put your legs on the board.

2nd hour: We continue practicing the gears, and we start making our first meters on the board.

3 hour: Individual feedback


[spoiler title=”Terms and conditions for the course/event (click)” icon=”plus-circle”]


You will need to have your own equipment. Which means snowboard, boots, clothing. Where to find that? Shoot us an e-mail: info @ whereinoslo.com

No snow guarantee

In case of a ‘no snow situation’ we will move the course from the pre-decided place to an other place in the same day. In worst case scenario will we move the course to one of the next days. You will of course be notified by e-mail on beforehand.

The number of participants

Max 10 people per group. We consider it a good amount of people to be able to give you great instructions, individual follow up and in the same time keep it social and HAVE FUN.


As you probably can imagine we put a lot of effort to set up those courses/events. Being sick during the winter is the most common thing and we will do the best we can to reschedule your spot and add you to a parallel or future course, but we will not be able to refund you with out an official proof from the doctor. In case of refund due to sickness and you not being able to attend any of the groups a 10% fee will be kept due to transaction costs, if mentioned to us on time.


Where in Oslo and its partners are not responsible for any injuries or damages during the courses/events. It is important that you ask for help at any time or do not risk anything if you are not sure. We will do our best to avoid difficult situations and injuries, but it is of course up to each individual to not put her/himself in any danger.

Changing course

Sure you can do that by sending us an e-mail at info @ whereinoslo.com with your name, dates of the course you are attending. Important! You need to notify us by sending an e-mail 7 days a head the date of the course. If no other courses available, we can also refund but in this case keep 10% of the amount due to transaction costs!


We do not provide transportation. That means that you will need to take public transportation or join others who are driving. Exact meeting point with coordinates will be given only to those who are attending the course/event and will be sent by e-mail on before hand. So do check your e-mail.


Refund will be given to those who has not attended any of the courses and send us an e-mail 7 days a head of the first course/event! In this case a 10% fee will be kept from our side due to transaction costs. If a participant has attended one of our courses/events it will not be able to provide a refund, but you may switch to an other group, if possible. Please contact us in this case.

What does the price include

The price includes a snowboard course for beginners with instructions, individual and group follow up, plus of course the social aspect. Participants will learn the basics of snowboarding. The total amount of hours has been splited in 3 different days (Saturdays if no changes due to weather). We will also provide, coffee and small snack during the course/event.

Can others participate?

No. Only organizers and paying participants of the course/event are allowed to join. [/spoiler]

Wondering about something or have a question?

Contact us : info @ whereinoslo.com