Wondering what is the weather like in Norway?

You probably do wonder what the weather is like at the moment or when you will visit Norway, so we thought of sharing with you our weather forecast about Norway!

If you ask anyone living in Oslo and Norway how is the weather in Norway now, they will answer “very cold“.

But hey, you might not get the same answer if you ask Norwegians. At some point you will even hear the legendary “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes”.

Here is how Norwegians compare to other nationalities when it gets FREEZING cold!


>Using your smartphone? Better viewed in landscape modus!


Winter temperatures and Norwegians



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  1. I founf this infographic quite funny and I’d like to post it on my blog, given the fact that I’ll be going to Oslo in March. The thing is that your HTML code seems to be broken.
    Could you please check it?


    1. Hi Vitor. You may try once again. If it doesnt work again send us an e-mail info @ whereinoslo.com 🙂

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