Visit the best beaches in Oslo this summer

Ingerstrand beach in Oslo
Beach in Oslo


It’s summer time, the sun is shining, and a swim is tempting. But the people of Oslo will stop and stare if you go for a swim just anywhere.
There are many places to go; sand beaches, stone beaches, even places by the grass, and of course there are pools – both open free of charge to the public and pools you’d have to pay a small fee to get in to.

My personal favorites are Tjuvholmen, Brekkedammen and of course Langøyene.

Now, you might need some information about each of these places, as they’re all very different with different facilities. Let’s start out with my favorites.


Tjuvholmen is pretty easy to find, probably the easiest if you don’t feel like taking a boat or traveling very far outside of Oslo, as it’s right there, in Oslo, south of Aker Brygge, very close to the Astrup Fearnley museum (which by the way, for any other museum lovers out there, is worth checking out). It’s extremely child friendly, but you can also go dive right into the water and let the kids play at the beach.


Brekkedammen is an immensely pretty place, where a slope of naked rock hits the water, and you can sit there for hours watching the water from Maridalsvannet run down through the controlled dam, making a nice, tiny waterfall. Don’t you go bathing in the waterfall, though. There’s a shop nearby and the Teknisk Museum is close, as well, which means there’s a kiosk there as well. To get there you’d have to take a bus or the train to Kjelsås stasjon.


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Langøyene, well, most of you have probably at least heard of this place. There’s a kiosk there (where they even sell beer, which might be why this place makes it to my top three) and toilets. There’s a boat from Vippetangen which will take you to this idyllic place of ours. You’re even allowed to pop up a tent here, on the north side of the island, if you want to. On the south east side this place is open for nudists. This is one of very few places in Oslo open for nudism.

Huk, Oslo’s most popular beach

Now, to keep this ‘nudism theme’ up, just in case anyone wants to know, let’s go to Huk, This is one of Oslo’s most popular beaches, so get the early if you’re heading there! West of the main place, about 0,2 km, there’s another nudist beach — Huk naturism beach — and south of the beach is a nice restaurant. There are also 2 kiosks here, toilets and a volleyball course. To get there you can either drive to Bygdøy and follow the signs, or you can take the bus or the boat. Getting there is not that hard.
Lutvann is accessible even for wheelchairs. There’s a ramp that goes into the water. Unfortunately you have to drive to get there, and there aren’t any kiosks or toilets. You could probably take a bus, and walk the rest of the way, but personally, I don’t know which bus that would even be.


Solvik is a bit easier to get to, but you’d still have to drive there, or bike if you feel like it. The road is slim and might be a bit uncomfortable, so don’t let your kid who just got his license drive. There’s a café and kiosk here. The coffee isn’t really that good, so I’d suggest you bring your own, unless you don’t really care about the taste and just want the caffeine. There are toilets here as well, and a ramp for wheelchairs. Solvik lies at Malmøya.


The Svarttjern park (Svarttjern-parken) at Romsås is really a nice place. Oslo spent about 13 million kroner on this place to fix it up in 2009, making it a nice place to hang out. There’s a sand beach, some stairs to sit in, and it’s simply just amazing. Imagine living in one of the blocks right next to this place, oh my, what joy. To get there, drive past Grorud, and follow the signs to Romsås, or take the tram to Romsås and walk the rest of the way. Shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Swimming pools in Oslo

Now, I’ve told you about a lot of beaches, and we’re off to the one pool open during summer.

Let’s just do the prices first: 86kr for adult, 63kr for students or retirees, 40 for kids under the age of 16.
Frognerbadet (this place is outside, by the way). Personally I haven’t been there since I was about 10 years old or so, so it’s been a while. There are diving boards at 1 m, 3 m, 5 m, 7 m, 5 m and 10 m, a slide where you have the buy separate tickets, wardrobes with lockers, a café and a kiosk. Open from mid may to mid august.


Have I forgot of any great beaches that you like to visit?

Let us know by commenting under this article.

Enjoy bathing, as long as it lasts 😉


Written by Margrete Hay for Where in Oslo.

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  1. Great tips from Margrete 🙂 Much apreciated if you could also make a list of sports venues. Thanks

  2. Hey. Great post about beaches in Oslo. We will soon need a guide of skiing places around the city 🙂
    Thank you.

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