This video of Tweetpocalypse will make you understand and prioritize!

Tweetapocalypse - Stromae
It will make you reconsider your social media existence!

The Belgian and french speaking singer Stromae (or Paul Van Haver as his real name is) emphasizes people’s social media addiction with his new song Carmen. It’s an animated film accompanied by great music which will, most probably, make you reconsider your social media addiction and existence!

The addiction to social media is as strong as the addiction to food or sex as a study at Harvard University points out. It activates the same part of the brain that is associated with pleasure! Of course sharing a tweet, a photo on Instagram, a status update on Facebook or a snap might not give you the same amount of sensation as sex or food does, but the study makes it clear that our brain considers self-disclosure to be a rewarding experience.


Despite the frequency with which humans disclose the contents of their own thoughts, little has been known about the proximate mechanisms that motivate this behavior. Here, we suggest that humans so willingly self-disclose because doing so represents an event with intrinsic value, in the same way as with primary rewards such as food and sex. Intriguingly, findings also suggested that both parts of “self-disclosure” have reward value. Although participants were willing to forgo money merely to introspect about the self and doing so was sufficient to engage brain regions associated with the rewarding outcomes, these effects were magnified by knowledge that one’s thoughts would be communicated to another person, suggesting that individuals find opportunities to disclose their own thoughts to others to be especially rewarding.  – The whole study here.


This addiction and what will eventually lead to is the topic of this amazing animated video. One of the most famous animators and filmmakers Sylvain Chomet, has directed the video and you can see his style all over the short Tweetapocalypse-film.


This is what happens in the Tweetapocalypse


– Paul’s social media jurney, the main character in the video, starts with a single and innocent selfie on Twitter.
– It then turned in to loneliness the more popular he became on Twitter.
– It affected his relation to people in real life.
– It made him loose his girlfriend.
–  …. and in the end !!! Sorry no spoiler.


Watch the Carmen video, pay attention to the words and enjoy the music!



This video of Tweetpocalypse might have made you rethink of your existence in social media!

Now that you have watched the video you will understand what we at Where in Oslo mean with “Meet with awesome people in real life” and the reason why we set up OFFLINE events.

The answer is simple.

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