This is why I love Norway

This is one of the reasons why I love Norway and what makes this country so great. As you probably already know Norwegians are not any good in Basketball, Volleyball or even Football. They are in an ok level when it comes to hockey and close to the bottom when it comes to athlrtics too. What they are GREAT at is of course skiing. Specially the cross country skiing (langrenn) type and the same great in biathlon too (skiskyting).

This is what exactly describes the image you are seing further down in this blogpost!

The national hero, Peter Northug jr. was competing in Sweden, which is an extra good reason to watch, and making a huge come back after a scandal he was involved in. Northug of course won the gold medal and Norwegian, no matter where they were or what they were doing HAD TO watch him on TV!

This is what happens during working days when skiing is on national TV.

This is why I love Norway

You see, it is the small things that make life in Norway great!

This is why I love Norway

  1. Maybe you should read up on Norwegian’s achievements when it comes to athletics and volleyball so that you don’t look that clueless?

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