Getting to know Norwegians better!

Have you just moved to Norway, trying to make friends but still wondering how Norwegians make friends and get in to a relationship?

– If  it is true that Norwegian do not talk to strangers, then how do they make friends?
– Is it true that they hook up with anyone during the weekend and the parties but when the party is over they dont know you?

We have Stine explaining all that to us in a as simple as possible way!

But again, its not easy to explain!


Do you agree with Stine? We welcome your comments.


  1. What if you aren’t in a class, and it isn’t appropriate to date at work?

  2. that’s why norwegians are so boring!

  3. Lived in norway all my life, wish I could move Im so lonely here:-( and my autism makes it atleast twice as hard for me plus some other things:/

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