From Oslo to Bergen by train

If you haven’t done this yet, now is the right time! You don’t want to travel during the cold and dark winter days and I’m sure you will like it better during spring or right after or during Easter time. There are four daily departures from Oslo and Bergen and the 7 hour journey. It won’t be boring at all as the nature varies and changes from town to town.


This is a journey that you need to experience at least once in you life time. Specially for those of you who live in Oslo or Bergen there is no excuse to not do this.

The highest point is at 1222 m above sea level

Actually there is no other train ride between two cities in Europe is at a higher altitude than the one between Oslo and Bergen.

The highest point of this route is at Finse, 1,222 meters above sea level. The train also passes over a stretch called Hardangervidda, which is the highest mountainous plateau in Europe.

You will experience the amazing Norwegian nature during this journey, specially the part from Gol to Geilo through Ål and further to Voss through Finse.

This video will give you a small glimpse of what you will experience during this train journey. This video will easily convince you.

From Oslo to Bergen by train.

Video by Where in Oslo

Video by NRK


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  1. How about mid August, would it be that white or variety in colours and landscapes?
    Anyone has gone with kids under 7?

    1. It will for sure be beautiful Thien-Lan but not so much snow and white in August 🙂 You should plan it and go for it. Its so worth it!

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