Only if you have been living in Norway you will understand this!

Ever thought of that feeling…

– When you realize winter, cold, snow and darkness are all gone.

– When May is half way and the 17th of May (the national day of Norway) also belongs to the past.

– When the russ (high school graduates) do not drive around in huge painted buses playing loud music and drinking beer.

– When boys and girls are all dressed up in beautiful summer clothes.

– When the sun does not get down anymore!

– When on the way home you see advertisements about the Greek islands.

– When everyone around the harbour starts catching mackerel.

– When Lekter’n at Aker Brygge starts serving beer.

– When the tax return money is on its way in to your bank account 😉

We could not find a better way to describe that feeling better than this girl..




Living in Norway. When the summer holidays are just around the corner.

Living in Norway - That special feeling


 Are you looking forward to experience this feeling once again this year?



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