Forening for omplassering av dyr is a place worth visiting

If you live in Oslo or the areas around it we would strongly suggest you to visit this place. Specially if you love animals and, or have kids. It’s a 25 min route by car or about an hour by bicycle from Jernbanetorget in Oslo.

From Jernbanetorget to Forening for omplassering av dyr

What is FOD and what does it do

Foreningen for omplassering av dyr (the Organization for Animal Adoption) is a Norwegian non-profit animal organization. Their animal sanctuary, FOD-gården, is located at Klemetsrud (see the map above) in the south of Oslo. The sanctuary houses both dogs and cats. The organization operates on charitable contributions.

Why not volunteer and give back

FOD needs volunteers to help once in a while but the animals do need people around them and get some love. Do feel free to visit them at any time but not between 15:00 and 18:00. It’s easier if you send them an e-mail first and ask if they need your help:

Our visit at FOD

We from Where in Oslo spent an hour of our Sunday visiting FOD – “Forening for omplassering av dyr” and since dogs were sleeping at that time after their lunch, we spent our time at the “kattehuset”. Of course we did not regret that…

Some photos from our visit

Cat at Fod





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