Oslo islands
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New in Oslo? I suggest those day tours ..

I assume most of the members at Where in Oslo Group aren’t actually from Oslo, and I’ve seen people asking for hiking related things, so I thought I’d suggest two day tours in Oslo that I consider great fun and are often overseen by most of Oslos inhabitants.

Tour de Sognsvann

If any of you have dogs, or enjoy a walk near nature but don’t want to travel far outside Oslo and you don’t know where to go, by the way, I recommend taking the underground (T-bane) to Sognsvann. From there you can get off, go to the right, and follow the path around the lake. It’s a nice walk, takes about half an hour walking around the water if you walk in a normal pace, but the walk can be shortened or lengthened to your preferences. During winter though, don’t ever walk on the ice. Some people do, but it’s rarely a good idea. People often use this place for bathing during summer, picnics etc.  During winter, there’s a lot of people there skiing (cross country). You will not find many people there after 6 pm, but I’d say bring a jacket if you’re planning to stay after 6 pm, as the trees are tall, and the sun will disappear faster.

Island hopping in Oslo

Other places during the summer that are nice for walks are the islands, but you’d have to pay extra if you only have a ticket in zone 1 from Ruter and you take the boat from Rådhusbrygga. From Aker Brygge (Rådhusplassen), you pay extra but not when you take the boat  from Vippetangen to the left of Aker Brygge, where cruise ships dock, you take boats to different islands – and they are normal bus ticket price. If you go from Vippetangen, the boats will take you to Bleikøya, Gressholmen, Lindøya, Nakholmen, Hovedøya. Hovedøya is lovely, but Gressholmen and Nakholmen are great if you want a place that is more private – less people.

The Oslo Ferries are the ferry boats from Vippetangen to the islands of the inner Oslo Fjord.

Map of the boat rout from Ruter

There are also ferries from Rådhusbrygga (behind City Hall) to the Bygdøy peninsula.

Line 91: to Dronningen and Bygdøynes at Bygdøy (summer only)
Line 92: to Hovedøya, Lindøya vest, Nakholmen (all year)
Line 93: to Bleikøya, Gressholmen, Lindøya øst, Hovedøya (all year)
Line 94: to Langøyene (summer only)

All Ruter tickets (tickets for public transport in Oslo) are valid on the ferries. You can also buy a special island ticket (Øybillett), which is a day pass for the boats to the islands – perfect if you want to go island hopping.

The Oslo Ferries are operated by Marine-Service.


What would you suggest? What places are worth visiting in Oslo? Please leave a comment …



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