Buss for tog
Buss for tog … from NSB

Buss for tog in Oslo again this summer.

NSB has sort of decided that whoever is not abroad on holidays for the summer will have to, more or less, suffer and get forced to join on the “Oslo Safari”, as I would call it.
We strongly suggest the legendary NSB to arrange a better marketing strategy and promotion next time. It would be so much more fun to launch the Buss for tog concept as a fun event where all their Oslo based customers are part of it.

Until that day when the troll will start moving faster and become more customer friendly … get used to the table above!


-Some more details about this ‘Full togstopp mot vest fra helgen‘.


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  1. If I were using NSB regularly on these routes, I would be pretty annoyed with this approach. Sadly, they will get away with every year unless those affected boycott NSB for a sustained period of time and, instead, go on the “safari” full time or arrange some kind of car-sharing.

    I guess that is what happens when there is a monopoly though – customer service doesn’t matter because the customer has no other choice.

  2. Thanks for sharing important information 🙂

  3. It hasnt got any better after summer it looks like! We get in trouble almost every week with NSB!!

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