The story of the Kind of Ducks!

Lars and his colleagues from the Sports Academy of Oslo use to visit the lake Sognsvann (near by) to take their usual ice bathing once a week. This day turned out to be different for them. Together with Lars that moment was Yngvil Søholt who actually photographed what was about to happen.

That Wednesday Lars J. Langøien was about to become the ‘King of Ducks‘ as his action to save a duck which was keeping them company at that moment went viral on Internet.

This is what happened


Lars, Yngvil and Kristin were heading towards the usual spot were they enjoy their weekly ice bathing at Sognsvann lake in Oslo.

King of ducks 1

At that moment and near by the spot were they were standing there was duck keeping them company.

King of ducks 2


The duck disappeared at some point under the wooden pier and it dove in the water. The duck  swam on the wrong direction and under the ice surface. Unfortunately there was no opening for the duck to come out of the water and breathe again.

King of ducks 3


There was only one thing left to do. Lars did not hesitate a moment and actually dove in to the freezing cold waters of Sognvann to save this little fella. He had to brake the ice layer to be able to reach the duck. And he did.

King of ducks 4


Now out of the freezing water but still in shock. The duck was lucky as Lars already had the bathing suit with him for the usual swim in the cold waters.

King of ducks 5


Yngvil was a bit surprised and shocked about what was just happening in front of her eyes, and documented the incident by shooting those photos as she told the newspaper VG.


He grabbed the lucky duck, brought it out and warmed it up with his towel. He even practiced a short artificial respiration on the duck to save it!

King of ducks 6

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Internet named him “King of Ducks‘ as a true hero as he is.

King of ducks 7


Enjoy your life duck and don’t do that again! There might not be an other King of Ducks around when you dive in to the freezing waters.

King of ducks 8


Photos by Yngvil Søholt




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